On the anniversary of Nightingale’s death, Abdel Halim Hafez’s nephew narrates the details of the opening of his grave and his observations



On the anniversary of Nightingale's death, Abdel Halim Hafez's nephew narrates the details of the opening of his grave and his observations

The son of the late artist Abdel Halim Hafez’s brother revealed new details about the lack of decomposition of Nightingale’s body, during his visit to his cemetery.

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The chief forensic doctor in Egypt reveals why Abdel Halim Hafez's body was not decomposed

Shabana said: “They spoke to us in the cemeteries of Al-Basateen and told us that the whole street was inundated with water, so follow the news of the cemetery, our soul, and in order to open a coward from the Fatwa House, how do we open and see what it is?”

Shabana continued his speech, telling the Egyptian newspaper, Al-Watan, “We said the best thing is that we answer a radar device from the risk reduction department at the Faculty of Science, Cairo University, and with an engineer who measures the whole street and draws uniforms to show the layers in the ground there is water or what.”

After measuring the street, the engineer said, “Glory be to God, the place in which Abd al-Halim was buried in which rocks prevented the water a meter and a half.”

And he continued: “The Nightingale’s body was completely far from the water,” explaining that the engineer had recommended to them to isolate the cemetery: “Because in the future, if the water increased, God knows best. These rocks will endure and not crumble or what.”

Regarding the details of the day of the opening of the Abd al-Halim Hafez cemetery, Shabana told: “We brought a large scout four kilograms for photography. Because it remains closed and covered with gypsum. ”

While outside the cemetery, Shabana listened to the words in a loud voice, “God is Great, God is Great” when he was reading with family members of the Qur’an: “And they said to me, you have to go down and see your uncle. The last time I saw him, I had 5 years and a half. ”

As for the corpses next to the Nightingale, Shabana indicated that his father had the shroud on him. As for his uncle Abdel Halim Hafez, the shroud was uncovered: “The story is some of it bodies and some of it is not.”

Shabana responded to a question about the reason why Nightingale’s corpse did not decompose, saying, “I told you the reasons for the condition of the body, I said that I am satisfied with Abdel Halim and someone in his life was doing many sweet and good things and he was responding to the people who were hurting him and saying, Our Lord suffices you from the evil of disease His fame increased, and Abdel Halim’s illness increased. I am deprived of the two most important needs in the world.

Shabana confirmed, in response to criticism that he says this in order to claim fame, “He is the only man in the family of Abdel Halim and since he was young, people have been communicating with him” to conduct dialogues and meetings with him: “I am angry with me and I am famous, our Lord put me in this situation. I want no fame, of course. ”

Source: Al Watan


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