One of the co-founders of Google Play resigns after 15 years in the company


Google’s chief executive, Kaiser Sengupta, head of the tech giant’s payment initiatives, has said he’s leaving the company next month after 15 years.

“I’m still very positive about the future of Google about the future of Google,” said Sengupta, vice president and general manager of payments and the ‘Next Billion Users’ initiative, in a post on LinkedIn.

Singupta, who is based in Singapore, was also one of the main people behind the launch and success of Google Pay in India and helped restart the payment application in the United States and Singapore. The payment method is now used by more than 150 million users in 30 countries.

During his time at Google, Caesar played a major role in initiating, building and leading initiatives such as ChromeOS, Next Billion Users, and Google Pay.

“We are excited to see what he builds next, and we wish him well on his new journey,” a Google spokesman said in an emailed statement.


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