Orabi reveals at night Koura .. the scenes of the Bilqas match clashes


The Senbellawein match against Belqas in the third division witnessed violent clashes between the fans of Senbellawein club and the players of Belqas club.

The meeting ended with Senbellawein’s victory over Belqas, with two goals to one in the third division matches.

The meeting was marked by a massive crowd of attendance and the failure to secure the match adequately, according to what was announced by Belqas Club.

Belqas club issued an official statement about the match, as follows:

Within the framework of the sports management’s keenness of Belqas Club, under the supervision of Captain Haitham Orabi, to continue the team’s success in the league, we have never overlooked the flag of ethics, but rather we see it above the football banner, despite our passion and the passion of our fans for it.

Although we are very dissatisfied with what happened during our match with the Senbellawein team about the unfortunate events that we see, which witnessed reactions by the fans that went out of the text, as well as what happened inside the stadium, which are actions that are far from the sporting spirit, but we announce the start of ourselves. Acknowledgment of any mistakes that have occurred on our part, and based on that:

1- Captain Haitham Orabi announces the suspension of the team goalkeeper Mahmoud Abdullah, the suspension of his dues, and the infliction of a fine on him, due to his actions towards the fans of Senbellawein, and Captain Haitham Orabi and the technical staff of the team are keen to apologize for what happened to the opponent and his fans.

2- The sports administration in Belqas club, as it greatly appreciates the role of officials in football in Egypt, so we are waiting for the report of the referee and the match observer, hoping to achieve justice, and justice only without favoritism to any party.

Ylakoura contacted Haitham Orabi, an investor in Belqas, and said in exclusive statements: “We are calling for a replay of the match because a player from the Senbellawein team received two warnings and was not dismissed, and the game was resumed.”

Orabi concluded his remarks: “We lodged an official protest in the Dakahlia region and demanded a replay of the match, and this is according to the law. We submitted an official request through which we demand a replay of the match.”

The Belqas club stated in a statement on its official Facebook page, two reasons for the replay of the Senbellawein match:

First: We submit an official complaint to the Competitions Committee about this incident, which is that Senbellawein player “Izzat Muhammad” took two warnings, and in this case the player is dismissed, but this did not happen and the player participated for a period of at least a minute and 13 seconds after which the Senbellawein club’s technical staff corrected the matter, and he The coach of the Senbellawein club, to go to the field during the match, asks the referee of the match to expel the player, and it is known in the football law and according to the regulations that in this case the match is repeated and this incident occurred before that and they repeated the match.

Second: playing in an inappropriate atmosphere of intense crowd attendance and insufficient security of the match, words coming out from the beginning of the match to its end by the Sinbillawin fans against Belqas and its players, going to the pitch between the two halves and at the end of the match and entering into braces with the players and the device all of this Attached with a video and photos.

To watch the clashes between Belqas and Al-Sinblawein … click here


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