Orthodox Church organizes a training course on “mental health”


The Synodal Committee for Mental Health and Addiction Control in the Coptic Orthodox Church organized a training course on mental health law for priests, servants, maids, and those in charge of rehabilitation homes for addicts and those interested in establishing treatment centers, with the aim of raising awareness of the principles and vocabulary of the Psychiatric Patient Care Law that qualifies establishments and individuals to work legally And correct.

The training covered topics of the history of psychiatry, types of mental illness, the law of psychiatry, the rights of the psychiatric patient, how to deal and help the psychiatric patient, in addition to the conditions of legally licensed facilities.

The training was provided by trainer Dr. Majed Azmy Boutros, consultant psychiatrist, neurologist, addiction treatment and head of the Regional Council for Mental Health in Assiut, and 56 priests, servants and servants from 13 dioceses and the pastoral sectors of Greater Cairo participated in the training, via the Zoom app.

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