Our decision means that Zamalek gets a point


Mohamed Abdel-Muttalib, Vice Chairman of the Egyptian Basketball Federation, confirmed that the Zamalek team will get a point in the league standings after it was considered defeated by Al-Ahly, in the canceled match yesterday, Monday.

And Abdul Muttalib indicated in exclusive statements at Laila Kora, that the list of competitions considered that Zamalek was defeated in the meeting and not withdrawn, which means that he was entitled to a point in the competition arrangement.

Abdul Muttalib said: “Zamalek will get a point from the match after the decision of the Basketball Association Board of Directors, and according to the regulation, the team was considered defeated and not withdrawn.”

The Egyptian Basketball Federation had announced that Zamalek was considered defeated by Al-Ahly and fined him 30,000 Egyptian pounds, in addition to moving a match for him outside his stadium.

And based on the decision of the Basketball Association, the balance of Zamalek in the ranking stage of the league has increased to point No. 19 in third place, while Al-Ahly’s balance has become 17 points in fourth place.


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