Pachecos assistant: Carteron’s statement is unprofessional … and this is an exclusion reason


12:23 AM

Tuesday 23 March 2021

Books – Muhammad Mustafa:

Alex Costa, assistant coach of Jimmy Pacheco, former coach of Zamalek, attacked his French counterpart Patrice Carteron, the current coach of the team, after his statements after the match between Zamalek and Tunisias Esperance in the fourth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

In statements to the match program on the Sada Al-Balad satellite channel, Costa said that what Carteron said about the reason for Zamalek’s loss from Esperance was due to his bad physical condition, it was an unreal justification.

And he continued, “It is not logical for you to take over the leadership of the team in Marinen only before the match, and to declare this unprofessionally after losing.”

Zamalek lost to Esperance with a clean goal scored by Hamdo Al-Huni, making the position of the white team difficult to cross the champions’ groups.

He pointed out that Pacheco and his assisting body had a good relationship with all the players: “We did not feel any conspiracy from the players, this did not happen, and the evidence for that is how the players performed the Ceramica Cleopatra match, and they called us in the hotel after the news of our departure was officially announced.”

Regarding the reason for excluding Mahmoud Alaa from taking penalty kicks, Pachecos assistant said: “Alaa was the first kicker of penalty kicks, and after losing two balls, it was a technical decision not to be at the forefront of penalty shooters.”

He denied that there was a loss of control over the dressing rooms at the time of Pacheco’s leadership: “It would have been better for the management to give the players their dues before blaming them or saying that there is an absence of control over the dressing rooms. The club has financial problems and the players were not getting their dues, so it is natural for problems to occur. But we have not lost control of the dressing room. “

He continued, “It is difficult to deal with 35 players. It is normal for there to be problems because all the players want to play, but rumors that the players were conspiring against us are unclean news.”

He concluded: “Hazem Imam did not throw his shirt at Pacheco, which is a big lie. He was not playing because he had technical problems on the physical level, and his relationship was good with Pacheco, in addition to that we had other players in the right-back position, namely Hamza al-Mathlouthi and Ahmed Eid.” .


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