Pfizer announces the start of human trials for “Corona tablets”


And if it succeeds Pfizer’s Human ExperimentsThen, it will be possible to prescribe the pills early in the infection, to avoid complications, and to prevent the virus from spreading.

The drug binds to an enzyme called “ProteasesTo prevent the virus from replicating, protease inhibiting drugs have succeeded in treating other types of viruses, such as HIV / AIDS and hepatitis C.

“Because of the way a virus mutates,” said Pfizer chief scientist Mikael Dolstein CoronaAnd, and its continuing global influence, it appears that it will be important to come up with treatment options now, and outside The epidemic“.

He explained, “No unexpected problems have appeared in the study so far,” noting that it could lead to results within weeks, according to the American agency “Bloomberg”.

While the initial efficacy test will focus on the early stage of infection in people, Pfizer also plans to explore whether the drug is working to protect healthy people who have been exposed to the virus. Corona, Such as family members or roommates who live with someone.

Dolston added that the drug will likely be administered twice a day for five days, considering that it would represent a “potential game-changer.”

“If all goes well, it can start,” Dolstein said Pfizer With much more experience for phases two and three, as early as the second quarter of 2021, which could allow it to apply for emergency use permission from the Food and Drug Administration by the end of this year, depending on how the epidemic develops.

It is noteworthy that Pfizer shares fell by 1.3 percent, to reach $ 35.55 at 12:36 pm New York time. The company’s share rose over the past year by 32 percent.

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