Portugal beats Azerbaijan in the World Cup qualifiers


The Portuguese national team started its career in the European qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, with a meager victory over Azerbaijan 1/0 today, Wednesday, in the first round of Group A qualifiers, which today also witnessed the Serbian victory over its Irish counterpart 3/2.At the “Allianz” stadium, the stronghold of the Juventus team in Turin, Italy, the European champion Portuguese team snatched a difficult victory over Azerbaijan with a clean goal from friendly fire, as Maxim Medvedev, the Azerbaijani defender, scored by mistake in his team’s goal in the 36th minute.

In another group match, the Irish national team scored by Alan Brown in the 18th minute, and Dushan Vlovic tied for the Serbian team in the 40th minute, to end the first half with a draw.

In the second half, Alexander Mitrovic scored two goals in the 69th and 75th minutes to lead the Serbian national team to the precious victory and scoring the first three points in the qualifiers, while James Collins scored the second goal for Ireland in the 86th minute.

The Serbian national team led the group with only a goal difference, against its Portuguese counterpart.


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