Prandelli resigns as coach of Fiorentina due to “severe ordeal”


Italian club Fiorentina announced today, Tuesday, that Cesare Prandelli has resigned as coach of the team, and attributed his decision to the fact that he is facing a “severe ordeal”.

“Prandelli submitted his resignation today, Tuesday, and the club accepted his decision with deep feelings of sadness, recognizing that the reasons behind his departure go beyond football,” the club said in a statement on its website.

Prandelli, the former coach of the Italian national team, refused to confront the press after the team suffered a 2/3 defeat by Milan yesterday, Sunday.

Prandelli, who previously coached Fiorentina between 2005 and 2010, said in a letter published by the club: “This is the second time I have left Fiorentina. The first time was not my decision, but this time it was mine. In life, as there are good times,” There are dark moments that can overshadow you. ”

He added, “I went through a period of great distress, which prevents me from appearing as I should.”

He continued, “In the past few months, a dark cloud has arisen in me, changing my view of things. I came here to give my all, but now I feel that this is not possible and therefore I decided to leave for the sake of all concerned.”

Under Prandelli, 63, the team achieved five wins, ten defeats and six draws.

Prandelli took over as coach of the team, succeeding Giuseppe Iacini last November, which was his second term in coaching the team.

Fiorentina occupies fourteenth place in the Italian league, seven points ahead of the nearest relegation centers, ten stages before the end of the competition.


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