President of Mansoura Court to “an elderly” accused of indecent assault on his wife’s daughter: “I invite you, Dad, and you call her for immorality” (video)


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Counselor, Bahaa Al-Mari, President of the Court Mansoura Felonies, A harsh lesson for an elderly man who violated the offer of his wife’s 8-year-old daughter before he was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.

The chief court said Mansoura Criminal Court In his speech: “O who over the age of sixty, having sex with a girl at the age of eight hate, did you not see that she – having entered with her mother – has become a stepdaughter? Bad phrases. ”

The presiding judge continued his speech to the defendant, saying: “What is going on in your veins? If it was blood, the fire of lust wouldn’t have killed your women, for it is the ignorance and it has grown from between your fangs. Did you not see it while you were stripping it, the image of your granddaughters ?! Did you not suffer because of the wound of its dignity on the altar of your desires ?! No … because the person died within yourself. ”

The counselor, Bahaa Al-Marri, concluded from his speech, regretting: “Had it not been for your grayness, whose inviolability was not respected, the court would have imposed on you the maximum punishment.”

A court ruled Mansoura Criminal Court The defendant, “Essam M.A.A.A.,” 63 years old, must receive a pension of 5 years imprisonment and obligated him to pay criminal expenses and referred the civil case to the competent court.

The judgment was issued under the leadership of Counselor Bahaa Al-Marri, President of the Mansoura Criminal Court, and the membership of counselors Ahmed Lotfi Hassanein, Saeed Al-Samadouni, and Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, in case No. Mansoura.

The court heard, over the course of two secret sessions, the statements of the assaulted child, “A”, 8 years old, from one of the villages of Mansoura Center, and discussed with her the accusations against her stepfather as evidence, and what he did with her, and asked her what her stepfather was doing with her, then the court heard to The mother’s statements and her accusation against her husband of indecent assault on her divorce, which confirmed the incident.

The case goes back to the communication submitted by “p. A », the father of the victim, a driver from Damietta governorate, against the husband of his ex-wife, accusing him of defaming his daughter’s honor and sexually assaulting her, taking advantage of her young age.

The father said in his communication that his daughter A, who is 8 years old, told him that her stepfather had sexually assaulted her, by forcefully shaving her clothes on her, and touching the chastity place with her body, and he confirmed that the accused had intended to defame his child against her, and she supported R. M »The girl’s mother, what her ex-husband testified in the police report.

Counselor Alaa Al-Saadani, the first public attorney for the South Prosecution, decided Mansoura College, referral «p. M »employee pensioner and resident of one of the center villages Mansoura In the province Dakahlia To court Mansoura Criminal Court For his indecent assault, the victim of the 8-year-old girl, A.A. Described by investigations.

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