President of Mouloudia of Algeria: We are ready to win over Zamalek, and we do not think about the lead


Abdel Nasser Al-Maas, president of MCA, revealed his team’s latest preparations for the upcoming confrontation of Zamalek, scheduled for next April 3 in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League Al-Mas said in statements to the “B On Time” program, “The group is strong from the start, especially with the presence of ancient teams with a history in African football, especially the Zamalek club, which fought the last final in front of Al-Ahly, and until now Mouloudia did not qualify. We need only a point, and we hope that We present a good match against Zamalek, through which we qualify for the next round. “

The president of Mouloudia Algeria added, “Currently, there are no absences in the team’s ranks, whether injuries or penalties. We were surprised at the level of Zamalek’s performance at the beginning, after its strong performance in the African Final, but that is the result of the team’s restructuring and in the end the Zamalek club remains a great team.”

Al-Mas pointed out that Mouloudia Algeria is not now thinking about facing Tunisias Esperance, so far we are thinking about meeting Zamalek, after Al-Taraji guaranteed qualification, so we think about each match separately, and if we win against Zamalek, we will have a chance to rise to the top of the group, but the most important thing is to qualify for the next round. .

On the other hand, the statements of the African Union revealed the existence of amendments in the referees’ teams assigned to manage the fifth round matches in the group stage of the African Champions League, including the Zamalek and Mouloudia match, scheduled for next April 3, and revealed the list of appointments for the referees of the group stage matches in the African Champions League, which was announced by the federation African Football Association “CAF” Before the start of the group stage, there is a change in the referees’ staff who will manage the match.

The African Union announced, according to the previous list, a referee team from Burundi led by Pacific and Niyama, assisted by Nyangabo and Wundemunzigo from Burundi, while the African Union officially announced yesterday a referee team from Morocco that includes: Nour al-Din al-JaafariAnd he was assisted by Yahya Al-Tawali and Hamza Al-Nusiri, the fourth referee, Adel Zorraq, and the Ivorian Rene Williams, observing the match Zamalek and MC Algeria.

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