Prince Harry gets a job



Prince Harry gets a job


Prince Harry, 36, announced that he had obtained his first job in the corporate world, indicating that he would occupy an executive position in a startup in California, USA.

The Duke of Sussex will serve as a “chief impact officer” at mental health services firm BetterUp, where he will help promote an app that giants including Hilton, Facebook and the oil company Chevron are using to improve the mental health of their employees.

Alexei Robicho, CEO of the company, declined to say how much Prince Harry would be paid, stating that Harry actually helped make decisions in the company.

Harry, who has served in the British Army, will not manage any employees but is expected to appear on special occasions for the company and spend time in the company’s offices in San Francisco for meetings once the restrictions of Corona are lifted.

The Duke revealed on his blog that he personally uses BetterUp’s services and over the course of two months spoke to one of its coaches who provided him with “sound advice”.

Source: “Daily Mail”


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