Prince Harry: I’m going to do a mental health app after it changed my life


Prince Harry is adding a new career to his resume, as after his official departure from the British royal family, he will become the chief influence officer at BetterUp Emerging training, mental and psychological health, reported the Wall Street Journal.

“I intend to help make a positive impact on people’s lives,” Prince Harry said. “Proactive training provides opportunities for a better life at all levels.”

Prince Harry (36 years) revealed that he had been dealing and benefiting from the capabilities of this company and its application for two months, explaining, “My coach was wonderful, and he gave me good advice that changed my perspective of things, and it was of great value and multiplied in various aspects of my life.”

“Focusing on our mental and psychological fitness and prioritizing it opens the doors of opportunities for us that we did not know maybe they existed or possessed,” Harry said in a message on the “Peter App” blog.

He added, “The psychological and mental harmony and support around you make you reach peak performance. What I have learned in my life is the power of transforming pain into goals that I seek to achieve.”

He referred to his new job seeking to focus on the importance of dialogues and forums about mental health, and building supportive and compassionate societies, hoping that this would help people build and develop their inner strength, resilience, and confidence in themselves and those around them.

Harry pointed to the importance of making mental and psychological health assistance easily available, saying, “It is not so much a matter of our fault that it refers to the crises we have experienced throughout our lives, and because of societal barriers, financial difficulties or stigma, the focus is not on mental health and psychological suffering. Except in the end, I hope that we seek help early before reaching the feeling of collapse. ”

And Alexei Robicho, chief executive of “Peter Up”, who got to know Harry through a mutual friend, last fall, described Harry’s position in the company as of very important value and significance.

It is noteworthy that «Peter Up» was founded in San Francisco in 2013 and includes more than 2000 coaches and has a market value of $ 1.73 billion.


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