Providence saved him … the moment a 12th-floor child fell alive … Witness


An 8-year-old child fell from the balcony of the house from the twelfth floor on the snow in the street in Australia, and the strange thing that was noticed by a passer-by and a witness to the fall is that the child was alive.

According to what was published by the “Daily Mail” newspaper, the surveillance cameras installed in one of the apartments recorded the moment a child fell from the twelfth floor of the building opposite it.

A child fell from the balcony of the house, who was believed to be sitting in it alone, and that his father and mother were not there, and they came an hour after the accident in the hospital after neighbors informed them that their color had fallen from the window.

One of the passers-by tried to move the boy a little to make sure that he was still alive after his fall, and the surprise was that he was already alive, so he helped him to get up, but the shock was greater and he passed out due to the severity of the pain.

One of the neighbors asked for an ambulance for the child, and his condition stabilized hours after he underwent 3 surgeries, but he became in good health and did not suffer any fractures, but rather bruises on his body.

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