Pyramids are going against the direction of Al-Ahly and Zamalek in Africa … Video


The first football team at Pyramids Club runs against the direction of Al-Ahly and Zamalek in the African championship. At a time when the two Egyptian football poles stumbled in the role of the African Champions League groups, and the two teams entered themselves in the “Berma” calculation, the third party participating in Africa, specifically the Confederation, appeared at a distinguished level and drew attention with its numbers .

Pyramids’ journey in the role of confederation groups until now

Pyramids Team He fought two encounters in the group stage of the African Confederation Cup so far, and the heavenly team succeeded in achieving victory during it, where he defeated the Zambian Nkana in the match that was held on the air defense stadium by 3 clean, then he succeeded in beating Namungo, Tanzania, in his home, with two unanswered goals, To top the arrangement of his group.

The balance of Pyramids is currently 6 points in the first place, Moroccos Raja comes in second place with 3 points, and Nkana and Namongo are in the third and fourth places without points.

Summary of the Pyramids and Namongo match

Zamalek stumbles in the Champions League groups

The Zamalek team is facing great difficulty in qualifying from the CAF Champions League group stage, as the team achieved a goalless draw against MCA in Cairo, then tied with the same score against Senegalese Tongeth in Senegal, and then lost to Esperance in Tunisia with a score of 1/3, before losing to Esperance. Again in Cairo with a view to no response.

And it needs Zamalek To win In front of the Mouloudia in Algeria, then the Senegalese Tongeth in Cairo with Loss of the Algerian champion The sixth round match against Esperance in order for the white to qualify for the next round as the second group accompanied by Esperance, who secured formal qualification by beating the white in the third and fourth rounds of the tournament..

Zamalek loses from Esperance with a goal in Cairo

Al-Ahly revives its hopes after the victory over the Vita Club

Al-Ahly team put itself in a difficult position is the other in the Champions League, where the Red Genie first won a 3-0 victory over Al-Merrikh in Cairo, then lost with a goal from Tanzanian Simba, before it tied 2/2 with the Vita Club in Cairo, to worsen its position, before To return and win a 3-0 victory over Vita Club in the Congo.

Al-Ahly is in second place in the first group ranking, with 7 points, behind Simba, the Tanzanian leader, with 10 points, while Vita Club is in third place, then Al-Merrikh of Sudan in last place.

Al-Ahly needs to win the next two games or win and draw at the very least to ensure climbing into the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly defeats Vita with three


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