Pyramids: Ramadan and Happy are ready to please


Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the official spokesperson of the Pyramids Club, revealed the willingness of the duo, Ramadan Sobhi and Abdullah Al-Saeed, to participate naturally with their team in front of Moroccan Raja.

Pyramids are preparing to face Moroccan hope in the third round of the African Confederation Cup groups, next Sunday in Morocco.

In statements to “On Time Sports”, Mido said: “Ramadan Sobhi is training normally with the team, and Abdullah Al-Saeed preceded him with ten days to train, and therefore they have no injuries.”

Ramadan Sobhi and Abdullah Al-Saeed missed the last camp of the Egyptian national team, which witnessed the end of the African Nations Cup qualifiers, with a draw with Kenya for each team, and a 4-0 victory over Comoros.

On the crisis of Mahdi Suleiman, the third goalkeeper of the Pyramids team, Mido said: “I advised him as a brother to calm down and not talk to the media, but he did the opposite, and he is a big person and responsible for his actions.”

Mido concluded: “In the end, we made a decision in the management of the Pyramids Club not to comment on the crisis of Mahdi Suleiman through the media, and we will take a decision that guarantees the interest of the club and the player together.”


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