Pyramids: What is being raised about Ramadan Sobhi is a lie


Ahmed Hossam “Mido”, the official spokesman for the Pyramids club, denied the reports regarding the escape of Ramadan Sobhi, the team’s player, from the national team, indicating that what is being raised about the matter is a mere lie and slander.

Ramadan Sobhi missed the Egyptian national team camp for the Kenya and Comoros matches in the African qualifiers due to injury.

Media reports indicated that Ramadan Sobhi did not undergo a medical examination and verbally informed the team of the injury, unlike what happened with Ayman Ashraf, the Al-Ahly player, who joined the team despite his injury.

Mido said in statements to the “Ten” channel, “Ramadan Sobhi’s name was inserted into the crisis of Ayman Ashraf, and some spoke ignorantly about the matter, and it is clear that these are implementing a special agenda regardless of the interest of the Egyptian national team and without investigating the truth.”

And he continued, “What has been circulated is a lie and fabrication. Ramadan Sobhi suffers from an injury in the origin of the posterior muscle and also inflammation. The doctor of the national team was contacted after the Confederation match and he was informed of the pain.”

“The doctor of the team asked Ramadan Subhi to conduct an x-ray and a medical examination in order for Al-Badri to be informed of the radiological report, and Pyramids has already booked him in one of the centers for him to undergo the examinations,” he added.

“The medical report and x-rays confirmed that he was injured and that he needs to rest for 12 days. It seems that the traitor continues with Ramadan Sobhi, although his crisis has ended. Ramadan Sobhi went to the team’s doctor’s clinic and examined Ramadan Subhi and Al-Badri was notified of the impossibility of his presence in the team.”

He concluded, “Ramadan is a brave and natural player to be criticized for a decision he made against the directions, but he is brave and one of the best players in the league and the team’s goal, and this is expected of him, and we have no problems.”


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