Quadruple competition in the middle of the Pharaohs Stadium by numbers


Fierce competition witnessed in the middle of the national team stadium before facing Kenya in the African qualifiers for the Cup of Nations, where Hossam Al-Badri, the coach of the national team, included Mohamed Al-Nani, the star of Arsenal, England, Hamdi Fathi and Amr Al-Souley, Al-Ahly players, in addition to Tariq Hamed, the Zamalek player.

Competition flares up between the four-wheeler, especially since each of them has special advantages over the other, and therefore he plays mainly in his team, which is what puts it Badri Puzzled positive before Clashes Kenya and ComorosR African Qualifiers.

Muhammad Al-Nani

Mohamed Al-Nani participated with his Arsenal team in 31 matches in various tournaments during the current season, and Al-Nani scored two goals, while the total of Al-Ni’s participation with the national team reached 78 matches, during which he scored 6 goals.

Amr Al-Sulayyah

Al-Sulayyah is considered one of the basic elements in the formation of the Al-Ahly club, and it played a decisive role during the last season when he scored a goal in Al-Ahly’s double victory over Zamalek in the final of the century in the African Champions League, to embrace the wheel of the Red Championships, the ninth star after an absence. He scored a goal and scored two goals, and the balance of Al-Sulayyah from international matches with the national team reached 24, and he is considered one of the oldest players to participate with the Pharaohs and is entitled to wear the captaincy

Tariq Hamid

The beating heart and midfield fighter of the Zamalek club, Tariq Hamed participated during the current season in 17 matches in various championships with the White Castle, while his balance of international matches is 44, Tariq Hamed is distinguished by high enthusiasm and the ability to cut balls and spoil attacks.

Hamdi Fathy

Hamdi Fathy participated with Al-Ahly club in 17 matches this season, during which he made one goal and the Red Castle player is distinguished by his offensive tendency and his support for the attackers and sides, and he is also distinguished by high skill in cutting balls and spoiling the attacks of competitors, Hamdi Fathi participated with the national team in 3 matches and scored two goals.


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