Radwa Abu Shady: Who is the young actress who died suddenly in her sleep?


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The young Egyptian actress died Radwa Abu Shady Following an acute heart attack while she was asleep, the news was a shock to everyone who dealt with Radwa, so that her name was the top of the search engine in EgyptSaudi And a number of Arab countries to the impact of the shocking news.

The death of Radwa Abu Shady

Radwa Abu Shadi died on the morning of Sunday, March 21, as the young actor Azouz Adel, a member of the Actors Union, announced her death through his Facebook account, while Radwas family confirmed that she did not suffer from any health problems and died due to a sudden heart attack during her sleep.

After excluding any quasi-criminal in the death of Radwa Abu Shadi, the family extracted a burial permit and was buried in the family’s cemetery in Katameya, and the family has not yet announced their condolences due to the repercussions of the crisis. Corona Virus And gatherings are banned in many places.

Who is Radwa Abu Shady?

Radwa Abu Shady started her artistic career in 2010, when she participated in 3 years Series They are Captain Effat, forgive me, time and the vernacular series The Cat, but her most prominent role was during the infamous Memoirs series with the actress Lucy, after which she participated with the star Nour al-Sharif and fulfilled her life dream in the series Arafa al-Bahr

Radwa Abu Shady studied at the American University in the Department of Media and Theater, and the beginning was by presenting a number of programs on Al Hurra Channel, then moved to Abu Dhabi Channel, but she tended to act, and this prompted her to leave the media work and take an interest in artistic work.

Radwa Abu Shadi did not present in her artistic life only 11 works, the last of which was the series Ward, which is expected to be shown in Ramadan 2021 with the artist Hanan Mutawa, and a picture of her was circulated carrying the text of the work before the start of filming and she showed signs of happiness.

Radwa Abu Shady is known for her many hobbies, as she loved folk dancing and was good at playing a number of Arab and Western musical instruments, in addition to her love of diving, swimming and travel, as she posted many pictures on her account that express her interests.

Watch the pictures of the young actress Radwa Abu Shady, whose death was shocking.


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