“Railways” announces a package of new measures to prevent a recurrence of the Sohag train accident


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On Wednesday, the railway authority announced a package of measures to prevent train accidents, determine train speeds and follow them throughout the journey, against the backdrop of the Sohag train accident (157 and 2011) last Friday.

The following is the text of the decision:

“In view of the repercussions of the train accident in 157 and 2011, and to ensure the safe and regular operation of the trains in accordance with safety standards and the Operating Safety Regulation:

– The implementation shall be carried out immediately by accompanying the trains in all regions, provided that a close follow-up of the district and SPG controls are linked to this around the clock, immediate intervention in the case of illogical excesses of some train drivers, and a deliberate work on a high level of competence and discipline from officials in all sectors in the regions, central controls and the planning group And supervision.

– Personal follow-up from engineers Sami Afifi, deputy maintenance, and Hussain Rashid, head of the Central Administration for Signals and Communications, for ground files malfunctions, with follow-up of ATC devices in tractors, meeting notes, and ensuring the orderliness of all automatic control devices.

– Assigning the managers of agencies (railway engineering – monitoring the operation of areas) to review on the ground the position of threats, ground files, notification pubs, gift start stops, speed-reset stops at the level of network lines (see descending) and study raising speeds at these distances at the maximum speed after the necessary procedure for them, even if required. The order is to change the calm position every day according to the railway engineering works at the sites and review the gift files and movement orders delivered to the drivers.

– All sites in the central regions and administrations in Cairo and the regions should start by doing work throughout the day to follow up on the progress of work with the above tasks.

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