Rajab Bakkar opens fire on Pyramids: “his coach is a liar and he carries out orders”


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Rajab Bakkar, right-back of Ceramica Cleopatra, on loan from Pyramids, was keen to support Mahdi Suleiman, his former colleague in the ranks of Pyramids Club, during his crisis with the club.

And the Pyramids goalkeeper Mahdi Suleiman entered into a severe crisis with his club officials and the team’s technical staff during the last period, which resulted in severe financial penalties being imposed on him.

Bakkar wrote through his official account on the social networking site Facebook: “It is not usually that I speak about something that concerns me, but here I have to say a word of truth because I passed my mind to live one of the best guards in Egypt, Mahdi Soliman.

Bakkar added: “Here, I say to the technical director that you are a liar and that you take orders, not instructions, because you are afraid to eat your livelihood like the one before you in the presence of this administration. What they said is not a defense, by God, nor a hunt from me. I have time, and I will say all that happened because I do not have a system of this size that is managed as badly as this ».

And he concluded: “And the knowledge most in the group is a big shame, and the world knows how to go, but unfortunately the angel in the club is not insignificant, and none of us knows who communicates with them so that everyone knows what he has because I am in repression with many people who are in this system? .. And Amr Mari has a lot more than I do? Many people advise me and say no, I am destined for their fear of me, but the word of truth and the support of a friend to me is much more important than anything I have, and our Lord knows what is in the hearts.

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