Rajab Bakkar supports Al Mahdi … and confirms: Pyramids coach is a “liar”


The right-back of the Pyramids club on loan to the ranks of Ceramica Cleopatra, Rajab Bakkar, his colleague in the ranks of the Pyramids, Mahdi Suleiman, in his crisis with his club, which was announced recently.

Bakkar wrote, through his personal Facebook account, today, Tuesday: “It is not usual for me to speak about something that concerns me, but here I must say a word of truth because I passed my mind to live one of the best guards in Egypt, Mahdi Soliman.”

Rajab Bakar continued: “Here I say to the artistic director that you are a liar and that you take orders, not instructions, because you are afraid to eat your livelihood like the one before you in the presence of this administration and who collided with people who have a sale and history in Egypt, but unfortunately, they respond to taking instructions .. The most important and important thing is Mahdi Suleiman, he has the right to All that they said is not a defense, by God, nor a hunt from me, I have time, and I will say all that happened because I do not have a system of this size that is managed with this bad. ”

And the Pyramids player on loan to the ranks of Ceramica Cleopatra added: “The flag is mostly in the squad for a big shame, and the world knows how to go. Amr Mari has many more than me, and many people advise me and say no, I am destined to fear me, but the word of truth and the support of a friend to me is much more important than anything I have, and our Lord knows what is in the hearts. ”

And Mahdi Suleiman, the goalkeeper of the Pyramids club, announced in a televised statement the existence of what he called “the agreement and the deal” that took place against him within his team between two people, who refused to explicitly disclose them, to see the rest of the statement .. Press here

These statements came after a vague message from Mahdi Suleiman through his accounts on social media, which came: “Time has run out, patience has run out, and all means of endurance have been exhausted.


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