Rania Youssef divorced a famous Egyptian star … Get to know her


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Today marks the 75th birthday of the Egyptian star Nadia El-Gendy, who played major artistic roles that made her a mark in the history of Egyptian cinema.

Meanwhile, actress Nadia Al-Jundi married the artist Imad Hamdy and gave birth to her only son, Hisham. Then she married producer Mohamed Mukhtar, who separated from him because of his desire to marry actress Rania Youssef.

Meanwhile, producer Mohamed Mukhtar, who worked in the diplomatic corps, worked before meeting her. He told her of his desire to enter the field of cinematic production, and showed her the novel “Al-Batiniya” and the film was shown in 1980.

It is noteworthy that Al-Mukhtar had also produced for her the “Al-Balah Agency” in 1982, and this cooperation resulted in the declaration of a life partnership.

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