Rania Youssef sarcastically: He who knows who will enter Heaven and the fire will burn the events | news


Actress Rania Youssef mocked the two shamans about the death of writer and feminist thinker Nawal El Saadawi, who passed away yesterday, Sunday, March 21st.

Rania Youssef posted on her own account on Twitter, mocking some of the pioneers of social networking sites who mourn the death of the late notary, claiming that she will enter the fire: “People who know who will enter Heaven and who is in Hell, please burn us to discuss events.”

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And recently, the Qasr al-Nil Misdemeanor Court ruled the acquittal of Rania Youssef in the lawsuit against her in accusing her of contempt of religions and an indecent act. The lawsuit included statements by the artist in a television interview with the broadcaster Nizar Al-Faris in his program “With the Knight”, in which she spoke about the prominence of her buttocks, in a way that makes her under Accusations of the crime of indecent public act.

The lawsuit included other accusations of contempt of the Islamic religion in the same episode with her controversial answers when asked when we see Rania Youssef veiled, and she answered sarcastically, and then the announcer completed his question, indicating that 1400 years ago the veil was imposed on us. Rania replied, “We Egyptians are not veiled, and this veil is Assume us in the eighties and late seventies. ”

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