Rapid heartbeat .. See the condition of “here the ascetic” inside the care!


The artist here Zahid reassured her followers about the developments of her health condition after being infected with the Coronavirus, through a video via the Astori feature through her official account on the “Instagram” website, in which she revealed the developments of her health and said that she was fine, asking everyone to wear the muzzle, confirming that she was not wearing it. continuously.

Regarding her health, she said: “I am fine. The worst thing is that the heartbeat remains a little fast and the breath, but other than that. I am good, thank God, there is no need. Thank you to all the people who asked me, but I wish all the people who go down the street or meet their owners stay wearing the catcher. Beware of yourself ».

After announcing the infection of Hana Zahid with the Corona virus, last week, her sister Nour Zahid was infected with the Coronavirus, and here Zahid wrote on her personal account on the “Facebook” communication site: “Noor al-Zahid as a result of a positive Covid 19 analysis.”


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