Reasons for excluding Chad from the African Nations Qualifiers


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) issued an official statement revealing the reasons for the exclusion of the Chadian national team from the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup in Cameroon 2021, and clarified that it came after the decision of the Ministry of Sports in Chad to dissolve the Board of Directors of the Chadian Football Association without clear reasons.

و .علن the African Union Monday morning, excluded Chad national team From qualifying for a tournament Africa Cup of Nations Cameroon 2021.

The Chad national team is in the first group accompanied by the national teams of Mali, Guinea and Namibia, where the Chadian team ranks fourth and last with one point, while Mali leads the group with 10 points, Guinea is in second place with 8 points, and Namibia is in third place with 3 points..

In his statement, Kav said, “After FIFA’s approval was withdrawn The Chadian Federation, by the Chadian Ministry of Youth and Sports, where it is decided Exclusion of the Chadian national team from the qualifiers. “

Sufficient statement

Adequate statement

And accordingly, the matches scheduled for Chad against Namibia (match 106) and Mali (match 130) were canceled in the African Nations Cup qualifiers, the statement added.

The statement continued: “In line with Article 61 and Article 64 of the regulationsKef Chad is a loser in both matches against Namibia and Mali. “.


And the statement continued: Chad was playing in the group A With Mali, Guinea and Namibia, by the end of the fourth round, Mali leads the group with 10 points, followed by Guinea (8 points), then Namibia (3 points), while Chad was bottom of the standings with one point..

The AU explained the text of the articles as follows:

Article 61: “If a team withdraws after the start of group matches without having played half of the group matches, the total results of the matches in which that team participated shall be canceled. Otherwise, if a team withdraws after participating in all the matches in the first half of the group matches, the For the rest of the matches that he was scheduled to play in the aforementioned group, he will be punished as a loser with three goals without a response“.

Article 64: “If a team withdraws from the competition for any reason, or does not submit a report on the match – except in cases of compulsory force accepted by the Organizing Committee – or refuses to play or leaves the stadium before the end of the match time without the permission of the referee, he shall be considered a loser. It is permanently excluded from the current competition. “


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