Record: Zamalek’s deadline to pay Shikabalas fine has expired


Portuguese press reports said today, Thursday, that today, the end of Zamalek’s penalty for paying the penalty imposed on the club regarding the player Mahmoud Abdel-Razek “Shikabala” in favor of Sporting Lisbon, Portugal.

The Portuguese newspaper “Record” reported that today, Zamalek’s deadline to pay 670,000 euros for Sporting Lisbon expires.

The Portuguese newspaper added that the penalty may be doubled by the Portuguese club’s eligibility to obtain a fee of up to one million and 300 thousand euros.

Shikabala had joined the Portuguese Sporting Lisbon ranks in the summer of 2014, but he only participated in one match before he stopped training, to decide after that to return to Egypt, specifically from the gate of his current team, Zamalek.

The International Football Federation had set a deadline for Zamalek club to pay the “Shikabala” fine, but the White Administration tried to reach amicable solutions by paying the fine in installments. (See the details)


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