Referral of Yara Naoum and her mother to Hurghada Misdemeanor on charges of discrimination for preventing a babysitter from going into a swimming pool


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Judicial sources revealed to Al-Masry Al-Youm that the Hurghada Partial Prosecution office in the Red Sea referred Yara Naoum, the wife of the former Al-Ahly player, Imad Miteb, and her mother to a misdemeanor court for trial on charges of discrimination and racism, in the investigations conducted by Counselor Mohamed Ismail, the prosecutor in the famous incident against a woman who works as a sitter Children with a family.

The incident returns last summer after a woman published a post on Facebook accusing Yara Naoum, wife of former Al-Ahly player, Imad Mutaib, of refusing her children’s nanny to the swimming pool at one of Hurghadas resorts, and that when the maid went to the swimming pool, she found an objection from Yara Naoum’s mother, “I was surprised by one An old woman called me to say that the housemaid would not go down in the place of the maid.

However, the matter did not end there, as Yara Naoum, the wife of the former Al-Ahly player, who was accompanied by her mother, intervened and began to attack her and attacked her in the swimming pool and said, “You do not know that you are attacking with whom, if I do not know that you are in a respectable resort, it is not safe.” In it, your work descends into it, my soul is sweet … I will not go down in its place, other than a barrage of insults and her mother says, “Your work is recorded.”

While Yara Naoum denied the incident and that her name and the name of her husband were used, taking advantage of his fame in a clear slander and that she and her husband respected all spectrums of society, indicating that she «solidarity with the management of the resort in which we spend the summer vacation when they blamed one of the families because the housekeeper went to the swimming pool with clothes. Ordinary without adherence to clothing designated for women, whether veiled or not, in the interest of public safety.

At the time, the incident sparked outrage on the media, and the lady’s post was extensively reported, as the tweeters demanded that Yara Naoum be held accountable and referred for investigation.

Article 161 bis also stipulated that whoever commits an act or abstains from an act that would cause discrimination between individuals or against a group of people on the basis of gender or origin shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine of not less than thirty thousand pounds and not exceeding fifty thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties. Or language, religion, or belief, and this discrimination resulted in a waste of the principle of equal opportunity and social justice or disturbing public peace, and the penalty shall be imprisonment for a period of not less than three months and a fine of not less than fifty thousand pounds and not exceeding one hundred thousand pounds, or one of these two penalties if the crime is committed Referred to in the first paragraph of this article by a public official, public employee, or any person charged with a public service.

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