Renaissance Dam .. Raslan: Ethiopias offer to organize the filling aims to strike at the Egyptian-Sudanese cooperation


Amal Mahmoud

Posted on: Tuesday 30 March 2021 – 1:33 AM | Last update: Tuesday 30 March 2021 – 1:33 AM

Hani Raslan, a consultant to the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies, said that Sudan fears the decrease in the level of the Nile River in the second filling of the Renaissance Dam, as happened in the first.
He added during a phone call to the “90 minutes” program presented by Osama Kamal on the satellite channel “Al Mehwar” yesterday evening, Monday, that the first filling of the Renaissance Dam caused a kind of thirst in Sudan, indicating that after opening the field for water, a very high flood occurred that caused severe damage. .
He explained that the second filling will be 3 times the first filling, which means that the losses will be doubled in a way that may exceed Sudan’s bearing capacity, pointing to what Ethiopia is currently proposing to organize the second filling process.
He stated that if Sudan agrees with what Ethiopia proposes to organize the process of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam, it will dismantle its cooperation with Egypt, explaining that this is what Ethiopia is targeting in the first place.
He pointed out that the Renaissance Dam seized 18.5 billion cubic meters of water after the second filling, adding that this is considered as immunity and protection for the dam from any military interventions.
He pointed out that after the second filling, Ethiopia will have a pressure card against Sudan, which is the water bomb that the dam is holding, which would flood large areas of Sudan.

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