Report: Apple is the largest acquisition of artificial intelligence companies in America


Apple has become one of the most American companies to acquire companies specializing in artificial intelligence in order to make its assistant Siri smarter, according to a new report issued by GlobalData reported by thenextweb.

The market research firm said the tech giant bought more AI companies than any other between 2016 and 2020.

With the exception of the Irish consultancy Accenture, which is the second largest acquirer of AI, the rest of the top five companies were all in the United States, with Google ranking third on the list, followed by Microsoft and Facebook.

And GlobalData found that the four US companies collectively bought 60 AI companies – nearly 25 companies were bought by Apple.

Many Apple deals have been focused on Siri, said Niklas Nelson, senior analyst at GlobalData, as machine learning startup Inductiv has been acquired to improve Siri data, Irish voice tech startup Voysis has been purchased to improve Siri’s understanding of natural language, as it should make PullString. Siri is easier for iOS developers to use.

Apple started buying these companies in an attempt to catch up with Google, Amazon and Alexa, and Siri always ranks below the two in terms of “intelligence”, and this is partly the reason why Apple is so late in sales of smart speakers.

This is not the first study that calls Apple the leading acquirer in artificial intelligence, as a 2019 report from CB Insights found that since the 2010 purchase of Siri, Apple has made more AI acquisitions than Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and more. Google.

And since the iPhone maker doesn’t announce all of its acquisitions, the real number could be higher.

The AI ​​shopping spree reflects Apple’s broader strategy to develop technology through acquisitions, and Apple President Tim Cook revealed in February that the company had acquired nearly 100 companies over the past six years – equivalent to roughly one acquisition every three to four weeks. .


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