Report: Biden plans to connect every American with broadband in a new infrastructure package


US President Joe Biden is going to announce a comprehensive infrastructure plan, including $ 100 billion, to connect every American to high-speed broadband Internet over the next eight years, according to the Verege.

Biden is set to unveil the $ 2 trillion US Jobs Plan in Pittsburgh at a later time. The long-awaited infrastructure and jobs package contains funding for broadband expansion, semiconductor manufacturing, and a slew of other interests such as public transportation and helping consumers. On the purchase of electric cars.

In a call with reporters, a department official said that the cost of the package will be paid for through changes in the corporate tax rate.

Biden’s figure of $ 100 billion for broadband expansion surpasses most other efforts to end the internet connection of every household in the United States.

And earlier this month, Senators Amy Klobuchar (Democrat from Minnesota) and Representative James E. Claiborne (Democratic Party) announced their own bill investing $ 94 billion to bridge the digital divide.

In previous years, the FCC raised more than $ 20 billion to reward cooperatives, satellite operators and other telecom companies that launch broadband projects in underserved areas.

The Biden package also calls for 100% broadband coverage by the end of the decade, prioritizing networks of local governments, nonprofits, and cooperatives, and pledging to fund projects on tribal lands.The Biden broadband plan also seeks to encourage adoption by reducing the cost of internet service in the long term.

“While the President recognizes that individual subsidies to cover Internet costs may be necessary in the short term, he believes that providing subsidies to cover the cost of an over-priced Internet service is not an appropriate long-term solution for consumers or taxpayers.”

The package also provides tax incentives and discounts to encourage consumers to buy electric cars along with a plan to supply electrification to the federal fleet, including United States Postal Service trucks.

More than $ 50 billion has been earmarked for investment in domestic semiconductor manufacturing, a particularly vital issue in light of the recent shortfall.

In February Biden signed an executive order calling for government reviews of the semiconductor supply chain in the wake of the massive chip shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.


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