Researcher: Ethiopia deals with the Renaissance Dam file in an escalating tone


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Ali Hindi, a researcher at the Progress Center for Studies in London, said that Ethiopia is dealing with the Renaissance Dam file, in an escalating and intransigent tone, indicating that it does not want to sit down or negotiate, and they did not accept anything.

In his interview with Al-Ghad channel, Hindi added that Ethiopia believes that there is prejudice to its right, explaining that the Ethiopian side also believes that it is a historical injustice on the part of the Nile River.

The researcher at the Progress Center for Studies in London indicated that Ethiopia continues its provocative operations with the statements regarding filling the dam, indicating that it confirms that it will not diminish Egypt’s water share, nor does it have a specific ceiling to continue the provocation operations.

He also stressed that what is happening now is akin to a cold war, within the framework of the continuous provocation by Ethiopia against Egypt and Sudan and the severe intransigence in the negotiation process.

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