Resentment in Al-Ahly due to the Basketball Association’s decisions regarding the Basketball League Summit match


Dissatisfaction and resentment prevail among Al-Ahly club officials due to the decisions issued by the Egyptian Basketball Federation regarding the summit match against Zamalek, which was scheduled to take place on Monday in the men’s Super League competitions.

The Board of Directors of the Basketball Association held a meeting today to discuss the situation of the summit match events and take appropriate decisions, as it was decided to calculate the result of the meeting in favor of the red giant, with the signing of a fine of 30 thousand pounds on the management of Zamalek, and the transfer of a match for the white outside his stadium.

وعلم El-Ahly.comAlthough the result was calculated in favor of Al-Ahly, there is a state of dissatisfaction among Red Castle officials with the decision, due to the failure to count Zamalek withdrawing from the match and the implementation of the list completely.

And according to El-Ahly.comAl-Ahly officials were waiting for the list to be fully implemented, and Al-Ahly was counted as a winner and awarded two points, with Zamalek considered defeated, along with the opponent of the defeat point from him.

According to the regulations of the Super Basketball League, the winner of the match gets two points and the loser gets one point, but in the event that matches are canceled for violating the regulations or withdrawal, the punished team is considered a loss and the point of defeat is deducted from it.

It is noteworthy that the observer of the Al-Ahly and Zamalek match had announced the cancellation of the meeting and the application of the list due to the storming of some fans before its start, and the security could not evacuate it, after the objections of the Red Castle officials against the massive crowd.

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