Rogozin responds to Musk’s suggestion to bomb Mars with thermonuclear missiles


The head of the Russian Space Corporation, “Ross Cosmos”, said that calls for the rehabilitation of planets, by changing them to create conditions similar to what they are on Earth, are nothing but a cover for transporting nuclear weapons into space. Rogozin added, in a comment posted on his Telegram channel, that those who They claim to prepare Mars or other planets, well aware “that this is only an excuse to justify the deployment of nuclear weapons in space, which are only suitable for turning our Earth into ruin forever.”

According to RT, during the past several years, Elon Musk, president of SpaceX, has stressed many times that the best and fastest way to transform and rehabilitate Mars is to bomb certain areas of the planet with thermonuclear missiles.

Elon Musk had long believed that bombing Mars with nuclear warheads would restore the planet to make its climate like Earth, but a Russian space official questioned at this time the billionaire’s ambitious plan.

A Twitter user at the time shared the statement of Alexander Plushenko, director of the Russian Space Agency at the time, saying that Musk would need a maximum of 10,000 nuclear missiles relying on the technology of the age to implement the proposal, but the billionaire did not back down and simply replied to the tweet, “No problem.”

He first revealed the plan in 2015 at a show with Stephen Colbert, and Musk made it clear that it could be achieved slowly, as the gradual release of greenhouse gases would fill the atmosphere with carbon dioxide with the help of nuclear bombs.


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