Russian Industry Minister: Moscow intends to produce a new electric car this year


Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said Friday that the small private company is ZetaDesigns an electric car and plans to start production this year.

The car industry in Russia, the world’s oil and gas exporter, does not have successful electric car projects at the present time, and analysts expect weak signs of production in the near future for reasons, the most important of which is the weak infrastructure for charging these cars ’batteries with electricity..

In Russia, 5,960 electric cars were sold last year, including 687 new cars. The country’s fleet of electric cars is slightly more than ten thousand cars, according to the Automobile Statistics Agency, Autostat.“.

Zeta, a start-up car manufacturer based in Tolyatti, the headquarters of AvtoVaz, which manufactured the Lada car in the former Soviet Union, says it is now designing a series of electric cars, including a city car and a commercial truck..

“We expect that they will start (production) before the end of the year, but that depends on the means by which the development process is completed,” Manturov said, without elaborating.“.

“The project deserves attention, but because the presented model is experimental, it needs to be completed,” the Ministry of Industry and Trade said in a statement“.


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