Saad Hindawi: The international directing workshop aims at interaction between African youth


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The Luxor African Film Festival this year presented an international directing workshop led by director Saad Hindawi, over a period of nearly 10 days, with the participation of directors from African countries, including Sudan, Namibia, Kenya, Rwanda and South Sudan.

Director Saad Hindawi said that the international directing workshop at the Luxor Festival of African Cinema includes a group of filmmakers from several African countries, indicating that he used to present this workshop at the festival before with the international director Haili Grima and the Egyptian director Khairy Bishara. He added that this year the organizers of the festival proposed to him to run the workshop, and he was enthusiastic about the idea, and the format of the workshop and started it 4 days before the start of the festival, and he selected the participants according to their films and the extent of the advanced director’s sense of cinema and conveyed the picture with anything available to him, and the group chosen by him is good and varied in Nationalities, way of thinking, and cinematic flair, pointing out that filmmakers from Namibia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and South Sudan, and 5 directors from Egypt, participate in the workshop, each in his region.

Hindawi continued: He asked the applicants to make a short film that lasts two minutes and does not exceed two characters, and is filmed in two hours, and in one “location”, which is the Nile, because all the time it is the artery and the cause of life. Hindawi explained that the workshop does not aim to win prizes for the participants, but the goal is to benefit young people and their comprehensive view of cinema, in addition to making their own film, and the main topic is the interaction between young people from Africa during the days of the workshop. A number of young people from African countries, Denis wanjohai from Kenya, Esther Beukes from Namibia, Denis valery from Rwanda, Alex joseph lubajo from South Sudan, Oujidani kallid from Maruko, Mohamed Zebiday from Sudan and Egypt, participated in 5 young people, they are: Abraham Hani Police, Ahmed Samir, Ziad Hussein, Ahmed Ezzat, and Anwar Mustafa Anwar.

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