Sabry El-Minyawy: Thabet El-Batal joined Zamalek before moving to Al-Ahly with a “game”


Sabry El Minyawy, the former star of Zamalek and Ismaili, blew a surprise about the late Thabet Al-Batal, one of the most famous Egyptian and Al-Ahly football guards, confirming that the hero signed for Zamalek and continued with the under-20 team for two or three months, before leaving and moving to the Red Castle.

Sabri Al-Minyawy added, during his statements to the Zamalek channel, that despite Thabet Al-Batal’s eligibility, he signed for Zamalek and existed for about 3 months, and then Al-Ahly staged a “game” through which he succeeded in the departure of the legendary guard from the ranks of the Met Uqba Castle to join the Red Devils.

Regarding the comparison between Thabet Al-Batal and Ikrami Al-Shahat, Sabry Al-Minyawy confirmed that from his point of view, Thabet Al-Batal is better than Ikrami, pointing out that Essam El-Hadary is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Egyptian football for his achievements.

Miniawi talked about his beginnings in the world of the round witch in the seventies and eighties, saying: “I was in Al-Ahly for a year and a half, during which I did not get a salary, and when I got a fee, it was 6 pounds as a transfer fee because they did not know that I was from Badrasheen.

He added, “I moved afterwards to Zamalek and at that time got a transfer allowance of 15 pounds, and we got 1500 pounds as reward for winning the 1978 league championship and the same amount in the following season after achieving the Egypt Cup.

He continued: “I left Zamalek and went to the UAE to participate in the military tournaments there to secure my future and my desire to marry after I reached the age of 25 and at that time I did not have a dime because the money we were getting was very little.”

He explained that every year he used to return to Zamalek to complete the league’s career because he used to finish the tournaments there early and the matter remained for two years until he was not accepted inside the White House, which prompted him to move to the Ismaili after his father’s participation in the decision despite his relatives ’objection to the decision, especially since the dervishes at the time Season 81 was threatened with relegation.

He said, “When I moved to Ismaili in 1982, we got the fourth league and then third in the league after the team suffered from relegation in the 1981 season.”


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