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In the American Constitution, a strange provision in the constitutions and lives of nations is the citizen’s right to seek happiness. Who can one ask for happiness? And what is happiness first? Is it a possible reality or a permanent dream? Is it the pursuit or access? What are its components, health, money, fame, influence, security, peace of mind, or peace of mind?
All of these are questions raised since man reached the level of consciousness, and realized that God created him as a crime in a cosmic system, if he was disturbed in a circle, with which all circles were disturbed. Health with poverty is disease, money with sickness is sadness, wealth with fear is hunger. So order, or equilibrium, is the state closest to the concept of happiness. The system is also circles, starting with the individual and ending with the group, and then the state. No creature can be happy if the state collapses around it. Imagine yourself in a palace with dozens of rooms and the most beautiful paintings, and it has a garden from the picturesque old gardens of Baghdad, but this palace does not have a roof in the winter rain or the summer sun.
With the opening of human perceptions, he learned little by little to reach a system that would guarantee the march of his life with others, which he called the state. He fortified the doors of this house with the law. And he brought to himself the joy of developing the law into justice, and justice to a regular intuition, like night and day. Water and bread. Any defect in the state body guards the whole body. Just like a human.
Generalization is a fundamental error in measuring things. But the oddities of al-Qaeda remain perverse Therefore, you may find that some Lebanese are happy, but they are a miserable people in general. And sad. He cries on holidays. He suffers from hunger. And he wakes up and sleeps in panic at the further collapse of his income, and that he needs medicine that he does not have the price for, and from school fees that he does not have. As for his greatest fear, it becomes his duty to rejoice, because the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister have agreed to form a government, most of which will be made of the most ordinary and old, at a terrible time. The time of bereavement.
With the collapse of the state it has become a foregone conclusion that nothing will remain in Lebanon. And for the people to become miserable as a whole. And to make generalization easy and acceptable. There is no security, no loaf, no bliss, no hope, no food, no money but stolen, no oil for cars, no electricity, and no one who burns garbage mountains, seas and oceans.
What is the benefit of all this heaven that it has no roof? Without a state? No mercy, no taste, no feeling. Lebanon passed Mothers Day, which is also the beginning of Spring. The mothers of the victims of the port filled us with tears. Politicians have plundered the color of spring, too.

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