Salah talks about his relationship with Clob, the response to Ramos, and the confrontation of Zidan


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Tuesday 30th March 2021

Books – Ahmed Sharif:

Mohamed Salah, the Egyptian national team player and Liverpool club, spoke about his team’s upcoming confrontation with Real Madrid in the quarter-finals of the European Champions League next April.

Salah’s prolonged dialogue came with the Spanish newspaper Marca, during which he talked about my confrontations with Real, his memories of the 2018 UEFA Champions League final and the incident of his injury on the part of Sergio Ramos, and his relationship with Juergen Klopp, the coach of his team.

The dialogue was as follows in the text of the Spanish newspaper:

What was the first thing I thought of when I learned about the Liverpool opponent in the quarter-finals?

I thought how good it would be if we qualified for the semi-finals.

Did you want to face Real Madrid in this round?

Well I had no preference, it’s the Champions League quarter-finals, so I didn’t care, which team doesn’t matter.

Will you face Real Madrid, now better or in the final?

I didn’t care, we’re in the quarter-finals [الأبطال] All teams are truly champions.

– Did you remember the final match in Kiev?

Let’s leave it as I have a special desire to win the next match and qualify for the semi-finals, what happens now will not change the outcome of the final in Kiev. It’s over.

Are you particularly motivated to face Ramos again?

[صلاح ضحك كأنه تذكر خطأ راموس ضده] This confrontation is over, so I don’t think about it, I think about the team, everyone thinks about his team and everyone wants to win, that’s it.

How has Liverpool changed from the 2018 final to today?

Between then and now we won the Premier League and the Champions League, we are the champions, a lot has changed.

Since 2018 and until now, Real Madrid does not own Keylor, Cristiano or Bale, is that better?

I disagree with you, they lost some great players like Cristiano Ronaldo, the best in their history, who scored a lot of goals, but at the same time they signed Hazard, Eden was not lucky, he was injured, but it is different, the team has now reached the quarter-finals, and they have great players, although they lost Ronaldos goals But I cannot say which is better, I simply say that they have reached the quarter-finals now, and certainly ready and we must be ready to face them.

Who do you think can win and have the advantage? Is there a better team?

I think we’ve reached our strong point, we’ve won the last two matches in the Champions League, the two teams are ready, it’s a special competition and we’re both doing well in it.

What are your most worries about Madrid?

They can win the Champions League, they know how to play this competition very well, they have won it many times, in the past ten years they have won four titles, it is a really good team in the Champions League.

Which player do you like at Real Madrid? Tell us why

I can’t spot one of them, most of them are great footballers, Hazard has a great relationship with him, he did really well at Chelsea but now he’s not so lucky, Luca. [مودريتش] I also have a very good relationship, we met at some point, I can’t pick one because they are big players and a big club.

You have scored more and more goals in your career in order to be one of the best players in the world, and we in Spain are debating whether Vinicius could ultimately score a lot of goals or not, how was your process? Are you born a scorer?

I don’t think they should worry about him I wasn’t born a scorer, but I had to work hard, I remember when I was playing Basel I couldn’t score many goals then and then I went to Chelsea, Fiorentina and Roma, there I worked a lot with Spalletti, almost every day After training he calls me and we go to the field and he does my training, and I also built a playground in my garden to work on shooting, he just needs to keep working, working, and that will come. After having the opportunities, he just needs to train a lot and it will come naturally.

– Which player do you expect to move from Real Madrid to Liverpool?

I think our team is good enough.

– What do you think of Zidane?

I remember three years ago praising him. He’s a great coach, he won three titles in the Champions League, he’s doing very well with the team, he left and came back to help the team win titles again, he was one of my role models when I was young, as a coach who does a great job. .

How do you explain the irregular season for Liverpool after they were champions of the English Premier League?

So many things happened at the same time, luck wasn’t on our side, it made us want to win the Champions League even more and hope we do.

How is your relationship with Klopp? Do you talk too much?

It is a natural relationship between two professionals, so I can explain the relationship.

– Without the crowd attending, who do you think is the loser, Real Madrid without the Bernabeu or Liverpool without Anfield?

Anfield! I think everyone can say that, it’s Anfield, we lose a lot without our fans, I think we are the team that has suffered the most without their fans.

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