Sam Morsi: Salah raised the status of the Egyptian player … and my colleagues were impressed with his family


08:34 PM

Wednesday 31 March 2021

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Sam Morsi, a player from Middlesbrough and the Egyptian national team, stated that Mohamed Salah was able to raise the status of the Egyptian player in Europe, and stressed that his teammates liked the level of Al-Ahly against Bayern Munich.

In his statements to Al-Ahly satellite channel, Sam Morsi said: “I do not have offers from Premier League, but our goal at the present time is to reach the qualifying rounds for Premier League to rise again to the championship in the future.”

He continued: “I follow Egyptian football continuously. There are a lot of players who are doing well, and I miss my former team-mates.”

As for his opinion of the Egyptians in the Premier League: “I follow the Egyptian players in the English Premier League, Mohamed Salah, Trezeguet, and Al-Mohammadi, all of them perform well, and I think that Mohamed Salah changed the shape of African football, he has become one of the best players in the world at the present time.”

He commented on the level of the Egyptian player in general, saying: “Egyptian players perform well in Europe, when people see Egyptian players, they talk about their quality, technical capabilities, and competitive performance, and I think that Salah definitely played a big role in the rise of the Egyptian player globally.”

With regard to the level of local football, he said: “Many of my colleagues watched the Al-Ahly and Bayern Munich match and were very impressed with the performance. The level of the Egyptian player is on the rise.”


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