Samir Sabry in his Diary: I was a witness to the love story of Abdel Halim Hafez and Souad Hosni


Today goes by the anniversary of the death of Nightingale Asmar Abdel Halim Hafez (1929-1977), and the artist Samir Sabry was one of the contemporaries of Abdel Halim.

Samir Sabry says:

I learned from Abdel Halim the accuracy and perfection in the work, and I believe that he married his art, and gave him his love and adoration, and I was one of the witnesses to the story of his love for Suad Hosni, and I changed him to it for four years. In the middle of the night, he takes us in his car, the black wheels, which is one of the five cars he owns, and he drives in search of Souad.

First he goes to her house to see if her car is present or not, then he passes some buildings where Souad used to go to play the “card game” with her friends. She was addicted to poker. Or an hour, waiting for Souad, then boring and leaving, Halim used to jealousy about her, even from just a game of playing cards.

Four years of love, intense jealousy, and anger at Suad’s anarchy, where Halim was very organized, but during these four years, I did not witness a marriage nor did I see a marriage certificate, and Souad did not live in Halim’s apartment, and vice versa.

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