Samira Abdelaziz reveals: Faten Hamama made me cry and did not like Omar Sharif’s biography


The great artist, Samira Abdel Aziz, talked about her relationship with the giants of art, with whom she shared many works during the symposium hosted by the seventh day.

In response to a question about her relationship with the Arab screen woman Faten Hamama, with whom she shared more than one job, Samira Abdelaziz said: “I loved her very much since my childhood and I used to attend all of her films and when I learned that I would work with her in the conscience series Abla Hikmat I was very happy. Working at dinner, she welcomed us very much, and in filming she began to read her role and she had a mistake in pronouncing the new word. To go with her on her caravan and we had a strong friendship and relationship.

And she continued: “When I spoke with her about Omar Sharif, whom I had previously met in France, I felt that she did not want to talk about him, unlike Omar Sharif. When he knew that I worked with Faten Hamama, he began to talk to me extensively about her and was inquiring about her news.”

The great artist Samira Abdelaziz added: “On the last day of filming, Faten Hamama gave me all her numbers and went to her already, and from that day we became friends, and she has a great position with me when Mahfouz Abdel Rahman fell ill and we went for treatment in France. She is a very great woman. “

She added: “I met Omar Sharif in France and he was staying in the same hotel, and when I saw him, I told him that I am an Egyptian representative and I worked with Faten Hammam, so he sat with me and started asking about her.

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