Sassy renews Zamalek in the media and social and rejects the official contract


Zamalek’s renewal file for the Tunisian international contract Ferjani Sassi, the midfielder of the first football team, is still at the top of the scene in the White Castle, especially since the player enjoys great public love and is one of the distinctive elements in the ranks of the White Knight.

Ferjani Sassi, whose contract with Zamalek officially expires at the end of the current season, is still refusing to officially sign the renewal contracts, and the player exports Muhannad Aoun, his agent in negotiations with officials of the White Castle.

Zamalek officials confirmed that Ferjani Sassi’s agent is causing the Disruption of negotiations Every time a session is held to resolve the file, Muhannad Aoun sets out some inappropriate conditions and requests with the capabilities of the Zamalek club, which causes matters to return to point zero again.

At the same time, Zamalek officials confirmed that Farjani Sassy wants to stay And the renewal, which was confirmed by the player himself in the conversation that transmits his desire through the media or social media, especially since Sassi recently declared and stressed that the reports that were circulated were incorrect, about his informing the club’s board of directors of his desire to leave and not to renew his contract with the team.

Ferjani Sassi added that the president of Zamalek talked with him about the club’s renewal file in the current period, indicating that it does not appear much in the media but he will respond in a timely manner, denying what has been reported about his desire to leave the team.

Ferjani Sassi called on everyone to be accurate with regard to the news that is published about him in the current period, and not to talk about unfounded matters.


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