Sawsan Badr on Elham Shaheen: A talent like gold … lives forever | news


Singer Sawsan Badr expressed her admiration for the performance of her colleague, Elham Shaheen, in the episodes of the story “Hatta Mina” in the series “Zay Al Qamar”.

Elham Shaheen sent, through her Instagram account, a thank you letter to the team of the series “Zay El Qamar”, expressing her happiness by presenting an influential work that provides important and powerful messages to society, as she described.

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For her part, Sawsan Badr congratulated Elham Shaheen on the success of the series and wrote: “Congratulations, a beautiful series, and you are the most beautiful thing in it.”

She added, “You have proven that the real talent like gold lives a long life.”

They mention the story of “Hatta Mona”, within the events of the series “Zay Al Qamar”, starring Elham Shaheen, Ahmed Wafiq, Inas Kamel, Moamen Nour, Nihal Anbar and Sarah Al Shami, and the series is written by Shahira Salam and directed by Hussam Ali.

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