Sayed Moawad: Ramadan Sobhi did not evade the national team


Egypt coach Sayed Moawad denied that Pyramids’ Ramadan Sobhi had evaded from participating in the Kenya and Comoros matches in the African Nations Cup qualifiers.

“As for Ramadan and for most of the players, we assume good intentions for everyone, unless proven otherwise,” Mouawad said in a telephone statement to Ontime Sports.

He added, “Ramadan underwent a resonance x-ray under the supervision of Muhammad Abu Al-Ela, the national team doctor, and the doctor informed us that the player is suffering from a strain and needs 15 days to recover.”

He explained: “We made sure that Ramadan was injured before the national team gathered, which kept him from participating in the two matches, and the player’s return to participate goes back to the club’s medical apparatus.”

The coach of the national team concluded his statements by saying: “Being in the Egyptian national team is an honor for any player, regardless of the name of the player, the club for which he plays, or the capabilities he has.”


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