Schubert attacks Abu Rida after his comments about a foreign committee taking over the management of the Football Association


Journalist Ahmed Schubert attacked Hani Abu Raid after his statements regarding the appointment of the tripartite committee by FIFA.

Schubert wrote through his official account on the social networking site Facebook: I am feeling as if I did not see this movie before that, he tells you that they would have brought foreigners to manage the Egyptian Football Association, but we prevented them.

Schubert added: They wouldn’t say, however, that in order to run for international positions, he needed to be the president of his country’s federation ??, by the way, the new president of the African Union, Mutsipi, was the president of the South African Sun Downs club, and his age was even a member of his country’s federation.

He continued: Oh, right, is the FIFA statement that the General Assembly approved, where !!! ?? Its shape is like this, the list that was approved before that, and unfortunately it disappeared in mysterious circumstances without the slightest respect for the General Assembly

Hani Abu Raida, a member of the FIFA Supreme Council and a member of the Executive Office, CAF, blew a surprise about his choice of the names of the tripartite committee that currently manages the Football Association, headed by Ahmed Mujahid.

Abu Raida said in televised statements about his selection of the members of the tripartite committee: “Some individuals came out to confirm that I am behind the selection of the members of the five-year committee, and the same people came out to confirm that I am behind the selection of the tripartite committee that currently runs Jabalaya headed by Ahmed Mujahid.

He added: “The International Federation demanded the appointment of a foreign committee to manage the Football Association, following the decision to dispense with the five-year committee, but I refused this matter so that the tripartite committee would be used.”

On his relationship with Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee that runs Jabaliya, Abu Raida replied, “Ahmed Mujahid has worked with me for a long time, and he is a person who dedicates his life to sports and football, and he is a very sharing person.”


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