Schubert hints at Ramadan Sobhi’s escape from the Egyptian national team and calls on Al-Ahly fans to forget him (picture)


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Journalist Ahmed Schubert hinted that Ramadan Sobhi, the wing of the Pyramids club, had evaded joining the ranks of the Egypt team before the Kenya and Comoros matches in the 2022 African Nations Qualifiers.

Schubert said during televised statements: “A friend sent me a picture of Ramadan Sobhi with Sherif Ikrami, which indicates the safety of the player and that he was not injured, and I do not know whether the picture was correct or not.”

He continued: “Regardless of Ramadan Sobhi’s injury or not, there is a medical report sent by the Pyramids club to the Egyptian team indicating that the player was injured, and there is a distinguished cooperation between the medical devices in the Egyptian national team and the local clubs, and we trust them greatly.”

Ramadan Sobhi with Sherif Ikrami

He continued: “I ask Al-Ahly fans not to confuse the incident of Ayman Ashraf’s injury and not to summon Ramadan Subhi, as the matter is completely different.”

He ended his remarks, sending a message to Al-Ahly fans: “Forget Ramadan Sobhi and Shiloh from your brain. The team was not affected by his departure and is moving on its right path.

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