Scientists refute the myth of “super” nutrients


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Scientists refute the myth of foodstuffs fcafotodigital

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Scientists from Spain have found that only breast milk (breast milk) can be considered a “super” food.

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The Conversation indicates that the Spanish University of Oviedo experts described this concept as a marketing term used by producers to refer to products containing a high proportion of nutrients.

She adds, and talking here is about vitamins and minerals, as well as about biological active substances such as dietary fiber and polyphenols. However, official organizations, including the European Food Safety Agency, have not recognized this term.

Based on this, experts declared, that only breast milk can be considered a “super” food, and as for what is announced for the rest of the food products, it is only a marketing ploy.

Experts confirm that, indeed, there are food products rich in nutrients, but eating them cannot be a substitute for a balanced diet. For example, cabbage is higher in calcium, folic acid, riboflavin, and vitamins C, K and A, compared to other cruciferous vegetables. However, cabbage cannot be considered a “super” food.

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