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The attempt to detonate an asteroid called “Ryugu” with a bullet or copper shell weighing about two kilograms had a much less effect than expected, prompting scientists to conclude that asteroids absorb damage better than previously thought, according to the website of the “Russia Today” channel. , And the English version of cnet, which stated that the mysterious asteroid Ryugu is 4.6 billion years old.

The disclosure of the results of the 2019 experiment took place in a hypothetical presentation at the Planetary and Moon Science Conference this March by the scientist Gaku Nishiyama at the University of Tokyo, Japan.

On April 5, 2019, Nishiyama described how the Japanese spacecraft “Hayabusa 2” fired one shot at the Ryugu asteroid, using a 10-pound explosive thrust, and the “bullet” or “missile”, which is a small portable collision tool, is a projectile Copper designed to leave a crater on the surface of the asteroid for scientists to study, and the bullet left a hole with a diameter of 33 feet, and scientists expected its impact to send shock waves through the asteroid, Ryugu, but its actual impact was less than their expectations.

“A large rock movement was expected. However, such a large rock movement was not observed,” said scientist Nishiyama.

Researchers from the Japanese Space Agency “JAXA” said that the asteroid is very good at absorbing seismic waves in an area 100 times more efficient than the moon, and they expected that this is due to the fact that the surface dust on the asteroid Ryugu is coarser than the moon dust, which leads to the dispersion of the resulting energy For seismic waves more efficiently.

A group of images from the Hayabusa 2 spacecraft, run by the Japanese Space Agency, revealed that the Ryugu asteroid has fewer small craters on its surface than expected for an asteroid of the same size.

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