Shabana to “The Seventh Day TV”: Abdel Hafeez refused to include the Zamalek duo for free


Media star Mohamed Shabana, the star of the sports media, blew a surprise that Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, refused to include Osama Faysal and Ahmed Eid, the young Zamalek duo last season, after they were offered to him by the players’ agents due to the end of their contract with their club.

Shabana said in the program “With Shabana” on Live TV Al-Youm Al-Sabea that Abdel Hafeez confirmed to the technical committee that the Zamalek duo would not provide the technical addition if they moved to Al-Ahly, so that the completion of the deal would be withdrawn, after the technical committee of Al-Ahly obtained the signature of the young Zamalek duo, but Abd refused to include them. Al-Hafeez, for the technical committee to withdraw their contract with them and to continue with their club, which extended their contracts at a later time.

Shabana continued that Al-Ahly club officials refused to contract with Karim Fouad, the current Enppi player who is loaned to the stars, despite obtaining the signature of the player at the time of his presence in the stars, as the refusal came from Sayed Abdel Hafiz, director of football at Al-Ahly club, who confirmed that the player would not provide an addition to Al-Ahly and they withdrew from the contract With him after polling the director of the ball.

Shabana was surprised that Al-Ahly would negotiate to buy Karim Fouad in the millions next summer, although he was available to contract with him for a small amount.

His youth continued that among the sins that Sayed Abdel Hafeez committed was his refusal to contract with Abd al-Rahman Majdi, the current Ismaili wing, before moving to the Dervish, after the player was offered to Al-Ahly while he was in the arsenal, indicating that Abdel Hafeez justified his refusal to include Abdul Rahman Majdi that he would not be an addition For Al-Ahly, but the player became one of the most important players in Egypt in the center of the wing and one of the pillars of the Egyptian Olympic team, and sometimes the first.

Shabana added that Al-Ahly club officials are eager to sign a contract with the Ismaili wing or find a loophole in his contract with the dervishes to facilitate his inclusion, who clings to his survival and refuses to sell him to Al-Ahly, as Abdel Hafeez missed more than one deal on Al-Ahly with the value of Abdel Rahman Majdi, Karim Fouad, Ahmed Eid and Osama Faysal.

Media journalist Mohamed Shabana appears through his program “With Shabana” on the page “The Seventh Day” 3 days a week, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and deals with sporting events as well as crises of players with their clubs, and everything new in the sports community.

The program “With Shabana” on the pages of “The Seventh Day” deals with all the files and sports issues on the football field, the most important of which are behind the scenes of the last hours deals of the winter Mercato, and what is going on inside the poles of the leaked ball and their new deals in the upcoming summer transfers.


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